Drifting is a Japanese motor sport discipline that in recent years has gained a solid foothold in the rest of the world. In short, it is a competition in car control rather than lap times. Car control have always been an important part of motor sports, but in recent times, technology has meant that the cars have taken over much of the work for the operator. In drifting its the opposite. There is not much grip!

Drifting origins are debated, but the term drift has been used in connection with street racing in Japan since the 70th century. However, it was not until the late 90th century that drifting was considered a motorsport they started to run competitions on tracks. The somewhat dubious origins have provided an aura of mystery that is unique to motorsports.

Drifting is not a competitor to the ordinary car motorsports. Drifting is shows and entertainment, and the main focus is on that both the performers and the audience are having fun. This basic idea is the main reason why drifting is such a big success amongst spectators.