Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach

car 1

So where do I start it’s been a crazy few weeks in the USA.It all started about 6 weeks ago when I got to Limitless motorsports and started final prep off the car for the 2014 season. Some big changes in the off season with my program and mainly changing car and tire team. My good friend and spotter Faruk sourced a S14 and the chassis was prepped and started at limitless motorsport.

car 2


The main ingredients being a Nissan S14 chassis that I know really well. 2JZ engine which has become my partner in drifting the last few years. A very trick Selhom Sequential transmission from Sweden. My Buddy Christer flew in from Norway and made sure our engine was in tip top tune with 700hp thanks again to HPS for letting us use there dyno.

car 3

The Angle
We wanted to make sure this car had as much angle as possible so it was no brainer as we started working with Wisefab last season.Ardo once again hooked us up with the best suspension arms and hubs in the business.

quali 2

The Suspension
With the added grip of the wisefab setup (Yes our car is slammed compared to most FD cars thanks wisefab) we started working with Odi Backhis at Feal suspension.Odi is a suspension god and having a vast experience in a multitude of motorsports and making his S14 one of the fast on the grid Odi personalised our setup and gave us the exact valing and suspension setup to our requirements to make sure we could extract as much grip out of our new Achilles 123S.

The Tires
And our biggest change was moving to the Achilles tires for the 2014 season. The grip from these tires continues to blow my mind and with 700hp on tap and the above setup we are happy to finally have a car that competes with the best cars in formula drift. So thanks again to Brian at Bridges racing and Cheralyn believing in our team for the 2014 season.

wallrunMedia Day
Media day was on Tuesday everything went well with the new car and we showed good speed compared to most of the grid.Only thing is we wehere probably the least powered on the grid so we where started tomap and have a final check over.Thanks to Christer for checking the tune and having the best engine package i ever had and to HPS loaning us the DYNO for the evening

quali 1

Qualifying Day 1
Qualifying started off not the way we wanted. As we where starting abit down the grid due to our 2013 championship position we where waiting and never got called to the grid.We enquired and had be informed we had missed our first judgying run! Not an ideal start for the 2014 Season!
Run2 and its all on the line , the last month of preparations comes down to the next 20 seconds! No pressure at all!! We put in a good solid run and enough for 4th place with a score of 93.

Top 32 battles
First up was Geoff Stoneback one of the newcomers and rookies to formula drift.I think he didn’t have much practice and qualified with just one run also .We laid it down pretty hard and pulled a good gap which was enough in both runs to send us through to the top 16.
mohanTop 16
Next up was Kyle mohan in his RX8. Kyle was carrying alot of damage after his big impact in top 32.Again the Achilles S14 was just hooking up and giving me so much pace we where given the advantage and moved on to the top 8.

Top 8
Battle of Norway battling my good friend Fredric Aasbo and countryman. We would lead once again and it would seem the Achilles S14 just seems to be one of the fastest cars on the grid and pulled a nice gap with good lines in run 1.We chased hard and it was enough for the judges to send us into the final 4.




Top 4
This would be an eagerly awaited battle against none other then wisefab team mate and 2013 formula drift champion mike essa. Again the Achilles and combination of our 2014 chassis mixed with proximity to the walls was the winning combination against Essa’s BMW .Fastkenny was back and moved on to our first ever formula drift finals



In the final we faced off against 2010 Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg in his 1000hp 370z. This would be the closest battle of the event and a slight mistake by us following chris was enough to give him the win. A great result nonetheless and thanks to all my sponsors as without you none of this would be possible


How the ladder looked after a tough event

podium 1

Finnaly we are on a podium in a great Car!Lets get more of this weekend in Atlanta

podium 2

Thanks to everyone of the team , you all did an amazing Job too many people to thank



























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