Round 3 Palm Beach

Rd 3 Palm Beach
A new course, I was excited, especially on the car and how it would handle the heat. It was extremely hot and the humidity was high, I found it hard to concentrate. The Team gave me water all the time, so that I prevented a heat stroke. The Practice did´nt go so well, the car was strange driving. We removed the Sway Bar and the car was totally changed and much better to drive. We qualified good, and won against Matt Powers Top 32. Then I drove against Ken Gushi Top 16, and we both did a close race and it became «One More Time», he crashed in to my car and I passed on to the next round with Chris Forsberg Top 8. Chris Forsberg is one of the best driver out there and I knew it would be a difficult race. My car was starting to feel heavy and slow, and it felt like 200 of my horsepowers was on vacation. I drove my best and drove at full throttle, but it was not enough. I was out.

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