Round 2 Atlanta.

Rd 2 Atlanta.

I drove this course last year, and i felt that I did it well. Therefore I was looking forward to driving it this year also. When it came down to driving this year, Formula D had turned the horseshoe around, a faster input but a slower exit. The practice was ok. We qualified as nr.5th. Because there was something wrong with the speed measuring, they made adjustments and suddenly all of the drivers got speed points and I got a new qual number- 12th. Top 32, I drove against Walker Wilkerson, it was close and we had to go «One More Time». We were ready at Start, and I felt that something was wrong, In the horseshoe the arm broke, and knocked the drive shaft out. My Team Lutz Performance tried to fix it, but 5 min was not enough time to sort that out. So Walker Wilkerson passed on to the next run, and I was out.

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